‘Letting Go Of Financial Stress’ Article Review

By | December 13, 2013

There is a great article that I have read lately that highlights the importance of letting this stress go. The author points out the pitfalls of becoming controlled by the irrational issues that can sometimes swamp a person. I have thought on many occasions that I must be the only person that balances the cheque book to the nearest penny and if it falls short I want to know why, and I can spend hours looking for the penny!

Letting go of financial stress

The festive season

This time of year can be difficult with all the extra expenses that need to happen from more food to new clothes for the must be seen at Christmas parties. But for me it is about the extra money, don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge my children the gifts, but I spend so much time wanting to get everything they want, but in a budget, and this is where I get my holiday stress from.

Like the article I worry about the money and how I need to pay for things I try to work out the best ways to pay for  items that are needed to make the holiday season perfect. But it won’t be perfect for me, I will be too busy worrying if I purchased the right gift, or if I have enough food or what would happened if I had purchased the other things they had wanted and not worried about the money?

But I have never put a present on a credit card without having the money there for the gift, you might think I am lucky, but no I have learnt to budget. I never purchase anything without knowing that I have got the money to pay.

So when I read the article it made me think of the many Christmases that have gone by and I rejoice that they are over. I never feel that I have had the time to enjoy the moments, those special and priceless moments, so when I read this article it made me stop and think.

Take a deep breath

This is such a powerful tool that I will admit to using on a number of occasions, but do I feel this confident with my preparations?  Never I always let the worry in of how I could have done something better, something different, planned more and act on those thoughts. But I try to keep these thoughts inside; after all I don’t want to ruin the family’s Christmas.

Don’t tackle the mail as it comes

The article suggests only opening the important things and leaving the rest till later, for me I can’t do this because it probably would still be needing attention this time next year, but hidden away and long forgotten. For me it has to be opened and sorted there and then and then it can get filed and then forgotten.

Emotional shopping

I was thinking when I first read the article that no worries here, I hate shopping, but the truth is I worry that I haven’t got enough for my children and so for me emotional shopping is guilt. But there are people that are addicted to shopping and that can put a financial strain on any festive budget.

Tackle financial issues once a week

This would be a blessing, but unfortunately I am inflicted with a curse, I need to check my money each day and track all transactions. Setting aside a time just once a week is not for me I would be climbing the walls with worry and stress.


This is the area I need to work on, delegate; if I repeat it enough will it make it any easier? Probably not, I like to take control, and be in control I worry that the job won’t be completed to my standard and this makes me worry, but so does working all hours. So, for the New Year I am going to learn to delegate more. (Let’s see how that goes!)

Let go of perfection

I have learnt over the last few years that if I strive for perfection nothing gets completed and so I have to accept that something is good enough. I think for someone who wants perfection all the time it is difficult to let that perfection go.

Question my worries

I have learnt to write down my worries in a list, if I didn’t do this I would have no room left, I am a natural worrier, I worry over everything and this is why I can my budget and my spending because I am scared not to. I wish that I could be so positive like the article, let the little things go, question the worries and then be able to dismiss them.

Me time

The article looks at different things that you can do for yourself, for me I would get bored. Me time is not something I want or plan into my schedule very often, and most of the suggestions cost money and to spend money on me when it can be put to better use, never!

So, what I have gained from this article, let some things go, there are things that I will never change, being obsessed is one, but I am going to stop this year and enjoy the moments before they pass me by.

How do you deal with the holiday stress and money?


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