10 thoughts on “Link Swaps

  1. FR

    I like reading your website. I am also a recent college grad trying to save. My link is fiscalresponsibility.blogspot.com. I am in the process of adding links and would love to swap.

  2. Christine

    Hey Smarti, Let’s swap link.
    I am a girl too blogging about how to make enough money so I can stop working for my lousy employer that has been milking me so thin…

    Here is the site:

    My goal is to free the cow that has been milked by corporations for years!!

    Let me know and I will add your link to my blogroll.


    The Cow girl

  3. Smarti

    Christine aka. The Cow Girl,

    I’ve added you to my links. BTW, I’m a guy, 100%. What makes you think I’m a girl? Let me know so I can clarify.

  4. Christine

    Oh sorry… I read your first post about Women being more realistic than men when it comes to investing and automatically “ASSUMED”.. my bad… 🙂


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