Money Idea #2: Ads on Napkins

By | April 27, 2005

I’ve been really inspired by the money they made off advertisements in Apprentice, so I’ve been thinking of more ideas. In one episode of the first season, one team had advertisements on the rickshaws and made more than a thousand of dollars in one day. Instead of rickshaws, I can go on foot. Since I jog along the river on the weekends, maybe I can pass out flyers on the way. The only problem with flyers is that people throw them on the ground. So I thought, why not print ads on napkins — at least there’s a use for them. Other joggers or pedestrians may need to wipe their face, hands, or just hold it in their pockets until necessary.

To further explore this idea. The napkins can be distributed to restaurants and have the napkins placed on the tables. That’s one of the first things you notice when you sit down in a restaurant. And napkins are always used so the chances of people seeing the ads are high. Of course, the prints on the napkins will be safe to wipe your mouth.

Now, I’ll just have to find sponsors to invest money on my idea. I can give out free napkins to restaurants. It’s good for them too since they’ll save money on that — not a lot of money, but think long term… free napkins for life. On weekends, I can go jogging and pass out napkins for people who need to wipe the sweats out of their face or messy people who spill soda on their pants, or just curious bystanders trying to get free stuff. People will look at napkins and they will be brainwashed with the ads on them. Napkins are useful, so most people will fold them and put them in their pockets or bags. In addition, I’ll have a dozen “DON’T LITTER” fine prints around the edges of the napkin to reinforce the message.

Overall, I think the idea carries some weight and deserves to be explored.

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