Money Idea #3: Create a website

By | April 28, 2005

One of the best ways to earn additional income around the clock is to create a website that draws a lot of traffic and generates revenue for you. The more audience you can attract the better. Once you have a popular site, you can think of ways to make money off that. Of course, it’s not as easy as you think.

The best kind of website to create is one that you are interested in. This is very important because your interest is deeply reflected in the quality of the site. If you’re really motivated in keeping the site updated and interesting, people will see that and they will keep going back.

There are so many different kind of websites you can do. For example, if you’re good at writing and like to eat, you can start a food critic web page. There are tons of food sites, I know.. but again, quality and dedication makes a difference between you and the competition. One thing I always learn is to start small when you’re venturing out. Do some reviews in your local neighborhood first so you people can see that you are an expert in that area. Then you can start venturing out and write about restaurants in nearby neighborhoods.

Just when you think all the ideas are already exhausted, I found something new. Take a look at RapidShare. They give out free temp space for users to share files, and they load up the page with ads. But since this is a great way to share files, it attracts many audience and ads get tons of impressions. In addition, they restrict downloads to a certain amount and charge users if they want to lift that download cap. RapidShare also does web hosting. I think the whole web space + hosting business is a great idea.

So as you can see, it’s still possible to come out with great ideas on the net. Just think what else could be useful for people. You may have a great idea, just put it to work and you may be making more money than sitting in your couch during your free time thinking about the possible website you would have.

I’m just getting started on a website that I wanted to do. No word on it yet, but it’ll be fun for me… even if I don’t make money. I guess that’s how you should look at it. Even if I don’t earn much, at least I learn.

2 thoughts on “Money Idea #3: Create a website

  1. Smarty

    The guy I’m working with is holidng me off for other projects. This particular website will be on hold indefinitely. I’m working on other projects myself. Plus, I’m going to be working two jobs soon.


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