Money Idea #7: AdSense

By | May 12, 2005

I’m going to explore AdSense as well. I’ll have to place the ads more strategically on the site to maximize the number of views and clicks. If this is not making me more than five cents a week but instead this is hurting people’s eyes, then I’ll revert back to a less ad-intrusive blog.

I spent some time playing around with the ads and placement. It doesn’t seem like AdSense allows you to place more than 3 ads in one page. Of all the places, I like the one on the top the most. I also picked a more green color to match the blog layout. I hope more people can see the ads now and it will make more money for me.

MMI #7 completed.

7 thoughts on “Money Idea #7: AdSense

  1. jim

    Google Adsense is a solid choice but I think you’ve used it too intrusively and too frequently. The best Adsense uses are subtle so they don’t scream “advertisement here!” at the reader.

    The one above your title bar is fine, but you might consider making or even taking out the first ad block or making it smaller… just a suggestion.


  2. nickel

    I agree. Placement is key, but you really don’t want to disrupt the visitor’s experience. The one at the very top is well placed. I would then recommend the second be made smaller, and placed between the first and second entries rather than above the first. Then maybe a smallish one in the sidebar. It’s currently pretty disruptive. Then again, if you’re getting tons of clicks, you should probably just leave well enough alone (and by all means, tell us). You might also consider tracking the performance of the different ads by using channels.

  3. Smarty

    Thank you Jim and Nickel for your constructive criticism. After a week, if there’s not much improvement in the adsense revenue, then I’ll remove the ads below the header. If you guys are interested, I’ll post the results from AdSense after a week or two.

  4. nickel

    By the way, I wouldn’t expect too much in terms of clickthoughs until your ad targeting improves. As the googlebot slurps up your pages, you should get ads that are more closely related to your overall page content. All that I’m seeing right now is blog ads.

  5. Cap

    the best way, IMO.. to get revenue from adsense is to have it blend in your site template or layout.

    using blogger wont be a good way to go though, unfortunately.

    the best format would be to go with Movable Type blogs, IMO. so you can use the lanscape size adsense.. which doesn’t show URL, and only shows the text.

    some example are the ads from, mymoneyblog, consumerismcommentary, etc.

    although I think PFblog probably went a bit overkill on it, along with other ads.

    but if you have links the same color as your site’s link.. sometimes people click on it thinking its ur content.

    I’m not saying mymoney or consumerismcommentary is trying to decieve people, but its a better way to present ads without screaming “THIS IS AN AD, CLICK ON ME!”

    or you can choose to use the size of text ad that is using. what would work better I think on is that he change the bottom bar to white, and the colors for the links in the ad to the same color as his links, which would be light/sky blue.

    I couldn’t find a good way to go at it with my template at my blog, so I just went with an image ad on bottom right. I dont really care if people click on it or not, I just want it to blend in as best as possible.

    IMO, thats the best way to go about displaying banners, ads, etc. I believe the more annoying they are, the more people try to make a mental note to NOT click on it.

    so why is my banner even there? cuz it still work 🙂 taxable income or not, 25 cent is still more than 0!



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