Money Idea #9: Flea Market

By | June 30, 2005

Last Sunday, I went to NY’s Aqueduct Flea Market, the largest outdoor flea market on the East Coast. The flea market area is indeed huge. There are many stores and they sell items ranging from little 99 cent gadgets to sunglasses to clothing to food to luggage bags — almost anything. From what I’ve seen on that day, it looks like a doable business. It would be worth a shot if you can get a lot of items for really cheap. The rent is about $50 for a table.

I know someone there renting two big lots, about $175 each. He sells clothing and fake jewelry and is making over $2000 a day. I walked around the flea market and I see a store selling one-dollar and plus items. While I was there, one guy bought $20 of stuff. Those small items add up!

I’m thinking maybe I can rent the smallest area for about $50 a day and sell iced cold water bottles. I’d charge $2.00 for a half liter bottle. (It was really hot when I was there yesterday. Summer is usually hot, so good for selling water.) I’d need 25 customers to break even for the rent. Let’s play the number game, assuming I will sell 100 bottles a day. Here are the estimates:

Sales of 100 bottles: $200
Rent: $50
Cost of 100 bottles: $20
2 Huge Water Coolers: 40
Ice: $3
Misc: $10 (accounting for anything else, like transportation)

Net Profit: $77
After the one time water cooler expense, it’ll be a recurring $117 net profit.

I think once I get the equipment and things set, I can pick up a nice profit. I can also sell soft drinks.

6 thoughts on “Money Idea #9: Flea Market

  1. Neville

    by the way….Ice will DEFINITELY NOT cost ONLY $3

    Trust me on that. I’ve sold a bottle of water or two in my time 🙂

  2. frugalgirl

    I don’t think I’d be willing to spend a day of my weekend selling water to only make $100-200. Maybe you can see if you can split a booth with someone, or offer additional items.

    Coffee would be a good idea if the mornings are cool.

  3. Bob

    I was there the other day, you could probably sell 500 bottles a day.


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