Money Management 301

By | January 31, 2007

Know your Goal
What do you want to achieve financially? Mind your objective.

Establish a Plan
How are your going to achieve your goals? Write down the things that needs to be done and the steps to take. Set up milestones to track the path of your long term goal.

Prioritize your Tasks

Figure out what needs to be down first. Place importance to tasks that have tight deadlines or are key points to your goals.

Focus on your Goals
Remind yourself regularly of what you’re trying to achieve. Follow your plans and try to avoid getting sidetracked.

Prepare for Obstacles/Changes
Every journey has its own difficulties and unexpected events. Be aware of the challenges that may arise. Not all plans work accordingly to what’s written on paper. Build some flexibility in your plans.

Have a Backup Plan
When all else fails, have a backup plan. Is the goal too high? Lower the bar. If your goal is no longer viable, go back to the drawing board and set a different goal.

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