Monthly Status Update – Sep 2008

By | September 8, 2008

Dear blog readers,

I apologize for not updating the blog for a while. I have been busy and stressed over many things. I haven’t had time to sit and write a full post. Well, here’s a short update.

House Hunting
I have spent a lot of time looking for a primary residence for my family in NYC. We looked at several houses but nothing worked out. I will continue looking.

Rental Property
I have trouble collecting rent in my Philadelphia rental property and have spent a lot of time dealing with this issue.

Stocks Trading
I have been busy analyzing the market and jumped into many profitable short term trades. I will post my trading notes on the blog so I can track my trades/ideas.

Blog Template
I want to update my blog template. There were some complains about the blog not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer.

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