My Coke Rewards Codes

By | January 10, 2009

My Coke Rewards

Free Coke Rewards codes has permanently moved to:

Free My Coke Rewards Codes

134 thoughts on “My Coke Rewards Codes

  1. AJ

    My Coke Rewards Code:

    I know you don’t have the cap anymore, but the code was wrong.

  2. AJ

    My Coke Rewards Code:

    finally, code redeemed by me. thank you

    I know you meant to say 2009, not 2008

  3. AJ

    My Coke Rewards Code:
    49TX FRA5 AHHT

    not redeemed by me, thanks anyway

  4. AJ

    all the codes have been redeemed, only one by me πŸ™ maybe next time πŸ™
    except the 2nd code, which is entered wrong.
    I guess people are too lazy to leave a comment and say THANK YOU.

    Thanks Smarty

  5. Smarty Guy

    Thanks AJ for the update. I crossed out all the codes. I do see a lot of hits for this page, so I think there are many lurkers, but unfortunately nobody except you has the courtesy to leave a comment.

  6. Dejiko12

    I need some codes, I am new here and I have 0 poins. Can somebody give me at least one code? U.u

  7. AJ

    Your recent code did not work.
    If its hard too see, try hold it up to the light

  8. Cyn

    Any and all codes are greatly appreciated. Hope I can get a few from you for our school. Thanks a bunch.

  9. Cyn

    The code from 2/26/09

    The code from 3/12/09

    The code from 3/18/09

  10. Cyn

    I do appreciate your gesture, Sean, but the code from 3/29/09 has been RNBM.

  11. Cyn

    My Coke Rewards Code:

    Oh my word! I finally got a code, Sean. I’m collecting them for our Special Education Program. Thank you so very much.

  12. Cyn

    Sean, both 3/29/09 and 3/30/09 are now both redeemed. Thanks.

  13. Cyn

    My Coke Rewards Code from 12pk cans:

    Redeemed, not by me; thanks anyway.

  14. monica

    tyred to use code but someone got to it already thanks anyway
    if anyone has any unused codes please send them to me im trying to get to 500 but i onlu have 50 any codes will help thanks in advance

  15. Cyn

    My Coke Rewards Code
    Redeemed, not by me; thanks anyway.

  16. Cyn

    Thanks for the codes you did provide. Take good care of yourself, Smarty. Have a wonderful summer.

  17. Crystal

    I will take any un-wanted codes my e-mail is,if you post the code here there is no guarantee of any one person getting them and even though you don’t know me yet,you already love me lol

  18. megan

    send me some points im almost there so help me out… thanks

  19. Cyn

    OVLMNX60VRTH from 6-7-09 RNBM, but thanks anyway!
    Welcome back, Smarty Sean. I hope you had a nice break.

  20. jake

    please email me with coke codes if you don’t need them

    that would be awesssssssssssssssssssssssommmeeeee

    = []

  21. Rob

    If anyone has some codes they are not using or don’t mind giving away that would be great. I need 300 more points to get a free six flags ticket and being unemployed this would save me $30 bucks. If anyone is not using their codes can you please email them to me at I only need 300 points so I will repost if I receive what I need because I am not greedy just want to get away from job searching for a day. Thanks.

  22. AJ

    @ Jake, why would Smarty do that? that is the point of the blog

  23. AJ

    begging…looks like a lot of people has been doing it, in my time of absence

  24. AJ

    Hey smarty, how is it going? I noticed, the amount your blog is worth and I was thinking of starting a blog. You seem knowledgeable about this stuff, which leads to my questions. Can you earn money from a blog? Which one is better, Google or WordPress. Some help would be please. Thanks

  25. AJ

    forgot to put the word “nice” between the words be and please.

  26. Katey Homes


    I’m aiming to get this backpack by Coke. the only promlem is that the points I need to get it is 1120!!! and my family isn’t the richest and they said they can’t afford to be buying drinks that offten and i jut started summer and i some how need to get bottle caps for this backpack because my back I and using i all torne up and I have been using it since 1st gade….. so if you could will u please send me some codes fr this backpack??? Well thanks


  27. Katey Homes

    hey Smarty,

    I know i’m puching the thought but have u had any chances yet to take a little read on my comment above this one?

    Take your time I KNOW how much work it i to run a site and drink all those bottles of coke
    – Katey

  28. Katey Homes


    i know how hard it i to run a site so please take your time if you do send me and my family to help supports up those codes thank you ever so much


  29. Mario

    You need some new codes get rid of the old ones, this websites sucks =(

  30. gage b

    i need some help please, my account was hacked into or something. i lost all of my points today and really need help to try and get at least some back. i pretty pissed that someone would do that to my account, but pease if anyone please send me some codes. PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YALL! MY PHONE NUMBER IS 713-922-7820 MY XBOXLIVE GAMERTAG IS xGBx L3G3ND4RY. ……PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT…

  31. Lisa

    Extra codes that you don’t want? Send them to me: I am saving up for the nike gift card to buy my baby boy his first pair of shoes! They are expensive and every code sent would really help! Thank you! Love, Lisa

  32. Kathleen

    IF you have any extra codes you don’t need I would sure love to have them! πŸ˜€

  33. william reeves

    hello if any of you got any coke codes i need them badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddly and please e mail me them coke codes to my e mail address i need them more baddly than any one else and only e mail me the coke codes to me and only me i need them too get a year of the club pogo for 550 i got 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and i need all i can get please please e mail me them coke codes too my e mail dress to thanks

  34. mya

    hi,can someone please give me some codes please if you dont want or just dont use my coke rewards can u please let me have them my email is
    thank! appreciate every code given to me thanks.

  35. Cyn

    9M5VB6TVKLM5 has been RBM: redeemed by me. Thanks so much Smarty Sean.

  36. Samantha

    Hi everyone
    If anyone has any extra codes i could have, please send them to I have 3 lol but am saving for POGO would be a great treat for a mom thats always busy!

  37. Lauren

    Don’t you have some more ? it would be great … thanks anyway πŸ™‚

  38. Chad

    0k995NH94XT6 was already used, so it won’t let me use it…please put it on the list of used ones.

  39. Deb

    7/15/2009 4X6T4TJ4TXBJ = RBM
    Thank you SO MUCH!!!
    I don’t have many points, so I really appreciate your generosity.

  40. Cyn

    4X6T4TJ4TXBJ is RNBM. And, i even checked the website earlier. Thanks anyway, Sean.

  41. Deb

    I did comment Cyn, as soon as I used the code.
    That comment appears as still awaiting moderation to me, was at 3:39pm.
    I did say Thanks and that I really appreciate Sean’s generosity.
    Thanks again.

  42. Vanessa

    7/15/2009 4X6T4TJ4TXBJ -12pk coke
    This one says it already used.

  43. KAYA


  44. Srini

    Its my sisters bday soon and i want to give her a 1 year subscribtion to 17 magazine. If anyone has codes can you PLEASe mail them to


  45. Cyn

    Thanks for ALL you do, Sean. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

  46. Ryan

    Thanks for posting codes, but sadly I didn’t get any…They were all redeemed. Can anyone help me out? I don’t know where to type the promotional codes in. Not the regular Coke codes, the promotional codes. I don’t know where to type those in. If anybody doesn’t want a code or has extra you could email it to me at Thanks so much. Oh and by the way YOU ROCK SEAN! I still have 0 points though. :'(

  47. Cyn

    What promotional codes, Ryan? Are they from instant win games? If so, follow the link in the email they sent to you. If you give me more information (game name for sure) I may be able to help.

  48. ColaGal

    Hello! Just came across this website and saw some familiar names (Hi Cyn, Deb, & RNB!) I think it’s great what you’re doing, Sean! πŸ˜€ I just wanted to send a friendly invitation to you and your readers- I’ve got another site that also gives away free My Coke Rewards points:

    Please feel free to visit us and join in the conversation! Thanks again, and Happy Collecting!

  49. Cyn

    8/26/2009 AOWVFTA45MXB (12pk)
    The above has been RBM and thanks so much, Sean. I hope all is well with you and yours.


    sometimes my email address or password will not inter; here is my code for a 12pack . 0W77XPBPWXVA. PLEASE ANWSER.

  51. Lisa

    If anyone has any unused coke rewards points. I would gladly Take them off your hands. Would be willing to trade 3month club pogo memebership for them. Its 250 coke reward points. I will take 100 for it! Or if you just want to be generous that would be great too…lol My email is

  52. Cyn

    9/11/2009 WHDRKBDBDAKY comes up invalid. I even tried with “Y” as “V”. Thanks though.

  53. pfstock

    Hi Smarty! I took your idea of putting My Coke Rewards codes in the blog, and wrote a similar post on PFStock. Originally, I put the new codes in that post. But I have expanded the concept, and I now hide new My Coke Rewards codes among my old posts. It works kinda like an Easter egg hunt for readers to find codes. I hid a couple of new codes on my blog today. I can say that this has definitely increased my page views.

    Also, good luck to you on the job search!

  54. Cyn

    I doubt that it was used, murder. I reentered it right now and it does not come up as “Code already redeemed.” Instead, it says, “Sorry, invalid code.” There is no Y in the letters that Coke uses for redemption.

  55. Cyn

    The code from 9/11/2009 — WHDRKBDBDAKY — (Dr. Pepper) has been RNBM.

    The code from 9/17/2009 — N5K7WT4VVFF7 — has been RNBM.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Sean.

  56. Cyn

    The code from 9/19/2009 — BHJ7X5L6WH4H — has been RNBM.
    As always, thanks Sean.

  57. Cyn

    Both of these have been RBM. Thanks so much!

    9/20/2009 NNVN7F0F4M5M

    9/20/2009 XMHRKBDWVGW7 (Dr. Pepper)

  58. Lisa

    I have been collecting my coke reward points myself..But right now im in need of money.. I have 875 points worth of unused codes right now. Would be willing to sell for right price. Anyone interested send me an offer

  59. Cyn

    These are already redeemed, not by me. Thanks anyway.
    1/15/2010 9WXVPXJ9MVL6
    1/19/2010 FMWTWK66M6MB

  60. Cyn

    6VJNPFWHLJ57 RNBM, but I do make one hell of a secretary. Thanks for sharing with us, Sean.

  61. Cyn

    1/26/2010 AM9HR9B7BRRL
    1/27/2010 RPH4HVXATHNJ
    Both are RNBM. Thanks anyway.

  62. Cyn

    B7TL40XP7FXR is RNBM. I guess after the Coke site came back up everyone was sitting on the code. Thanks anyway.

  63. Frances

    Please donate any unused or unwanted code reward codes.I am donating all reward points to my daughter’s school.

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  65. Amber

    Please help me make a child have a great birthday present! My lil brother would be so happy if I could get him a year of Pogo, and to do that I need about 600 points. Please help by sending codes to my email.

  66. thinksmart1st

    Would someone happen to have codes for pogo? I hope someone does. Please send my way if you wouldn’t mind. πŸ™‚
    Hope it works in Canada THANKS
    email it at

  67. andrew

    if u send me 100 points worth of codes i will send u 5.00$ us money but first send me your adress to send to and codes thanks good luck

  68. Mike

    I am a teacher looking for my coke rewards points to earn a set of legos for my lego club. We are a low income school district so the district can’t pay for our legos and it would be great to get some new legos for the kids!


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