My Goals and Progress June 2008

By | June 9, 2008

Last month, I served on jury duty service and was not compensated for the time I did not work. Recently, I received a check from the State of New York for $80, for the two days for the two days I served.

I received a nice increase in my annual income this month and I have broken the six digit income barrier. Even though I am still working on my current consultant project, I plan to look around this summer and see what else is out there. I started to update my resume and will continue to work on it. Then I will search on career sites to see what other jobs are available. Even in this tight job market, I saw a lot of openings in my field.

Microsoft Money
I still haven’t had a chance to update the financial data in my Microsoft Money. I made tons of trades in my brokerage account from Fidelity, but only some of the trades were recorded. At this point, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort to record all my previous trades.
Status: Fidelity Brokerage Account needs to be reconciled
Goal: Reconcile the transactions in Fidelity Brokerage Account by June 30, 2008

Stock Market
I made a lot of trades in May, mainly playing with energy and tech stocks. Looking at May 2008 brokerage statement, I saw an increase of $1014 at the end of the month. My goal was to make $2000 in the month of May, so I came about 50% short of my goal.

The stocks on my current watch list are WFR, STP, YGE, NE, DO, QID and more. I am bearish in the market for June and will start building up a nice short position, such as QID for the short term.

Goal: Make $1500 in profit for the month of June

Stock Challege
Since I am into trading and discussing about stocks, I thought of starting a Stock Challenge in the beginning of this year. However, because of my busy schedule, I started the Stock Challenge in April 2008. I would like more people to participate so we can have nice ideas and trades going back and forth. Also, I had created a group earlier,

e-Commerce Site
My partner and I tried to look for a third party company to design and build our e-commerce website. We found some companies and called them up. However, none of the companies responded to either our phone calls or emails. Currently, we are on hold.

Does anyone know of a third party company that will help design, build and maintain a e-commerce website?

Status: Could not find a third party service to build website.
Goal: Look for a third party service to bring website live by the end of this month.

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