My Goals and Progress May 2008

By | May 7, 2008

I had jury duty service on May 1st and May 2nd. As a contractor, the company I work for would not compensate me for the time I spent on jury duty service. However, the government would pay me $40 for each day I served for jury duty service, for a total of $80. Unfortunately, the government’s pay would hardly match my contractual pay, but at least I can use the $80 for lunch and dinner and feel good that I have done my civic duty.

As some of you know, there is a lot of sitting and waiting on jury duty service. I made use of the time and thought about my goals for this month and evaluate my progress thus far this year. Unfortunately, I did not have a laptop with me, so I had to resort to the traditional pen and paper method of taking notes.

Microsoft Money
I want to clean up and update the data in my financial tracking software, which is Microsoft Money. I made tons of trades in my brokerage account from Fidelity, but only some of the trades were recorded. In my effort to keep my account balance up to date, I plan to spend some time to reconcile the transactions for 2007. I estimate it would take 5 – 10 hours to get this job done.
Status: Fidelity Brokerage Account needs to be reconciled
Goal: Reconcile the transactions in Fidelity Brokerage Account by May 31st, 2008

Stock Market
I still monitor the stock market from day to day. I have made several trades last month. The stocks I traded last month were AMD, QID, and more. The stocks on my current watch list are NVDA, WFR, NE, DO, and more.
Goal: Make $2000 in profit for the month of May

e-Commerce Site
I encountered a little set back on this project, because one of my two partners dropped out at the end of April. He was the one with in-dept technical skills and who was responsible for building and programming the website.
My remaining partner and I have little web programming skills. We would have to resort to a third party service to support e-commerce features, such as web templates, shopping card and payment processing. The goal is to have a fully functional website by the end of this month.
Status: One of my partners dropped out of the project.

Goal: Look for a third party service to bring website live by the end of this month.

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