My Goals and Project Statuses April 2008

By | April 19, 2008

As part of my journey to achieving financial success, I have always been juggling multiple projects and pushing myself to learn more and work harder. I have a full-time job and a stable income now, but I always want to achieve more. I know I have to work harder and smarter everyday to become better than the person I was yesterday. I am always looking for opportunities to make more money and this year has opened doors to higher potential profits.

The stock market has dropped significantly and will become a good opportunity for long term stock picks as well as short term swing trades. I spend about two hours looking at the stock market and doing my personal research every day. I have been netting a profit of around 20% annual since the year that I started investing in 2002. I hope to make a nice profit by the end of this year and bring up my annual average percentage gains.

The house market has also tanked, and that be a signal to look for cheap real estate bargains. I plan on looking at some real estate this year and try to make a purchase while the mortgage interest rates are still low.

I already own a rental property in Philadelphia. I was happy about it until this year. My tenants have called me many times and reported issues. I have spent a great deal of time coordinating repairs since I live two hours away in NYC.

I have been discussing with people about creating e-commerce businesses. One of the businesses I wanted to do is create an online store for health products, and the other one is to create an online store for electronic products.

This year has been busy so far and certainly will become busier for me. I hope all things will go well and will keep posting status here.

Summary and Status

Full Time Day Job
I am currently working on a project to build a unified time and attendance system for the government. It is a long term project that will last several years and the estimate total cost of the whole project is $500 million.

Stock Market – Short Term Trading / Portfolio Building
I love to trade in the stock market. I have a long term portfolio, but I also like to play with short term trades. I spent my late evenings doing research on individual companies and the stock market and plan what to buy before the day begins.

Rental Property
Up until this year, the rental business has been doing well for me. However, this year, I have spent a lot of time dealing with the tenants and repair workers to maintain the house.

Company website
I am self-employed and have registered a company. I created a website for my consultant business. Currently, the website does not contain any information but the title of the company. I will need to work on the contents of the website and post up more information about the company.

E-commerce store #1 – Health Products
Health products are becoming more popular as people become more health conscious. This growing health trend will allow me to start up a business and grow in the health products market.

I am in the works of creating an e-commerce business that sells health products. I am currently talking to some people that will join me in this business.

E-commerce store #2 – Electronic Products
I want to start an e-commerce business that sells electronic products. I am looking for electronic products that has the potential to do well in this competitive market. I talked to some people that will be looking for these kinds of products, but I have no solid leads on this yet.

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  3. Shawn Cornett

    Been reading your blog and wow, you are quite diversified in your incomes! I’m curious if you have ever heard of or what you know/think about investing in Life Settlement Insurance policies. Obviously there are some crooks out there but it was the credibility of Warren Buffett that got me really going with it. I’m now very invested and even marketing the concept, primarily because I can’t find anything better and think that in the coming market people are going to be looking for safer ways to get a good return. Your thoughts?…

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