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By | October 28, 2008

I have switched over to the ArchitecturalDigest theme for my blog. I had noticed a problem with the i3Theme template. The right sidebar is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 6.x. About 20% of my readers are using IE 6.x so that is a decent size of the population.

The ArchitecturalDigest theme seems more appropriate for a financial blog. I have received some positive feedbacks about the ArchitecturalDigest template. I was told that the theme looks nice and professional.

There are two things I noticed about the ArchitecturalDigest template that may be a concern.
1. Hyperlinks are not underlined. (perhaps this can be fixed).
2. There is not page titles (About, Contact, etc)

I think the answer to the problem with hyperlinks is in the CSS file. As for the page titles, I can just add it as a widget on the sidebar.

ArchitecturalDigest theme

i3Theme theme – right sidebar is not displayed correctly in IE 6.x.

Browser share – IE 6.x 20%

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