New Year Goals for 2008

By | January 21, 2008

2008 will be an exciting year. It will be a year full of opportunities and challenges. I see opportunities in picking up good stocks in the stock market, another rental property in the beaten real estate market, finding a new job, getting a higher education, and making more money. All these opportunities will not come to me easily, however. I will have to work towards it and that’s why I am setting goals for this year.

I have a long list of things I want to accomplish for 2008. I have been thinking of pursuing an MBA program for a long time and I think now is the time to do it. It’s now or never. Also, I have been thinking of creating a website for my company so I can get some exposure. It would be nice to have business cards so whenever I meet people, I can say, “Here’s my business card.” The website and my contact info will be listed on the card.

The stock market performance came off to a horrible beginning in January. As I focus more on my career and entrepreneurship, I will have less time to focus on my stock analysis. I plan to build a more stable portfolio that focuses mainly on dividend stocks that shows growth over the long term. Dividend paying stocks tend to do well in bad stock market years.

I will try to update more frequently on the status of my progress. I will use this blog to keep track of my progress. It will be a log of my journey to my financial success. I look forward to a very busy but productive year.

GOALS for this year

Pursue MBA Program
An MBA program will give me better credentials and that will help me more in my career and business opportunities. Also, I may expand my business network.

Start a website for my company
I am self-employed and own an unincorporated business. I plan to create a website and print out some business cards to build a foundation.

Expand my business network
Attend more business events and meet people. I will have business cards handy so people can contact me.

Invest in Dividend Stocks
As I get more involved in my career and business opportunities, I will have less time to research individual stocks. I plan to have a portion of my money invested in stable and high-yielding stocks to create a more stable portfolio.

Post Frequently About My Progress
Write more on the status of my plans and goals. I will use this blog to track my progress, so I can look back and see how much I have accomplish and what I will need to do.

TASKS for this year

Contribute to SEP-IRA
My accountant will come up with the amount for my SEP-IRA contribution for 2007. I will contribute the maximum allowed for income.

Contribute to ROTH-IRA
I like to contribute early, in January, for the current year so I can take advantage of time.

Reconcile accounts in MS Money
My account balances are sort of out-of-whack right now. I will have to sit and reconcile the balances for each account.

Set up Fidelity Money Management Account
This account offers a lot of flexibility and benefits. It is a hybrid of a checking and savings account. Also, Fidelity they will reimburse all ATM fees. I think that make it very easy for me to withdraw money. I plan to open an account by the end of February.

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