New York Public Library

By | December 3, 2007

On my way home last week, I passed by a New York Public Library. I walked inside and gave myself a tour. The New York Public Library feels like it’s an old place, with old furniture and bookshelves. I have not been to the New York Public Library for ages. Walking in the public library brought back many memories. I used to do my research reports in the public library.

The best thing about the New York Public Library is free access to information. The public library is a reservoir of written knowledge. There are tons of textbooks, novels, magazines, DVDs and newspapers. And even free internet access. Sometimes they have presentations and shows.

I walked over to the business books section and I saw a large collection of business and personal finance books. I browsed through several books and thought there were a few that were interesting.

If you have the time, the New York Public Library is a great resource for gathering the latest information. Even if you are not doing research, you can sit and read a nice story book and save money by not spending money somewhere else.

You can apply for a New York Public Library card in a local branch or online. The card is free for New York City residents. For nonresidents of NYC, there is a $100 annual fee.


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