PACT Goes Up

By | May 25, 2005

PACT climbs up almost 5% today. I actually didn’t want it to go up so soon. Why? Because I wanted to load up my second batch of shares at a low price. Why PACT? The company is loaded up with potentials. It has a very good support at the low 7’s range. I think it’s a safe bet to get in at the 7’s. We’ll see. I’ll still be around. I’ll let you know how it does.

FYI, Cisco is still doing very well. Too bad I already got out of it. I personally wouldn’t get into Cisco again until it drops into a price range that is more attractive for me. CKCM is another one I had bought a while ago and now it’s up over 60%. I’m not claiming I know everything. I’ve made mistakes before, and I’ve lost money. I learned the hard way by rushing into the hype and chasing stocks and getting burned. I have learned to invest more modestly now. I like to pick out stocks that havelittle to no debt, increasing revenue, growing fast, has lots of upside potential, low P/E and are still under the radar. I’m just an investor like many others, but I’ve learned to do my own research and analysis before I invest in a stock.

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