Philadelphia Investment Update #10

By | January 12, 2006

After I bought my tenants a new stove/oven they haven’t called since, and I hope it stays that way. I heard of a lot of problems from my friends’ rental properties from repairs to absence of rent payments. I happened to be very lucky on this end. My tenants have sent me rent payments before the first of the next month.

Here’s my rental income history for the current tenants:

  • $555 for month of Nov. 2005 (Prorated for about half month)
  • $925 for month of Dec. 2005
  • $925 for month of Jan. 2006

Since I have to file taxes soon, I’m looking for a good tax account in NYC for itemized deductions (mainly for my rental property). Would someone with experience give me a referral. Thanks in advance.

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