Philadelphia Tenant Saga – Part 3

By | October 30, 2008

Continued from Philadelphia Tenants Saga

Two weeks later after the last phone conversation with my tenant and his wife, I received a phone call from my tenant. He said that they have the $400 check for me. They were supposed to send the check one week ago, but I let it go. He also said that he would send me the full payment for the water fees. I received 2 checks three days later and deposited them. One check was for $400 (the second part of the rent for one month) and $134 (the full payment for all the water fees.)

The funny thing was that he emphasized the water fees check amount was written for $134.00, instead of $133.98. He told me that he didn’t like to write checks with loose change so he rounded up the number for good sake. I did not see the good cause. So he gave me two cents extra on the check, but he was late on his payments for many months and gave me many headaches. I found it difficult to appreciate his good sake to round the check amount up to the nearest dollar.

The good news was that I have received my business and rental license approval. I could legally file an eviction, but I would hand it to an attorney who has experience. Before I would contact the attorney office again, I thought of giving my tenant a final warning and ask my tenant to leave. I guessed I could persuade them to move out without an eviction, but I could be wrong.

In any case, I would have to recalculate all the amounts my tenant owed me. If my phone call would not prove to be successful, I would send the updated numbers to the attorney office and proceed with the eviction.

Breakdown of Amounts the Tenant Owed me
Rent Owed
$900 – Rent for July 2008
$900 – Rent for August 2008
$900 – Rent for September 2008
$900 – Rent for October 2008
Total Rent Owed: $3,600.00

Late Fees
$45 – Late Fee for July 2008
$45 – Late Fee for August 2008
$45 – Late Fee for September 2008
$45 – Late Fee for October 2008
Total Late Fees Owed: $180.00

Water Fees
$3.66 – water fee from previous outstanding balance
$69.11 – water fee for July 2008
$61.21 – water fee for August 2008
Total Late Fees Owed: $ 133.98

$50 – maintaining the lawn

Total Owed (Rent Owed + Late Fees): $3,963.98

Payment Collected
$500 – check from September 2008
$400 – check from October 2008
$134 – check for all the water fees
Total Payment Collected: $1034.00


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