Poker: Amazing Luck

By | May 8, 2005

We celebrated two friends’ birthday at someone’s house last night. Of course, Texas Holdem was one of the activities since all of us are so hooked in the game. During the game, I have been amazed at the cards I was dealt. I got pocket King’s on one hand. I raise immediately and nobody called, so I claimed the pot. Then I got pocket Ace’s on the next hand after the pocket King’s. I raise again but someone challenged me. I ended up winning with the higher pair. Then at another hand, I had Q,2, both diamonds. Someone went all in, I called, and I got a flush on the flop. I won that hand, despite his pocket King’s. On the next hand following that, I got a 4,7. Someone went all in before the flop. I was going to fold but that person dared me!! I had way more than enough chips to spare, so I called him. The flop opened 4,7,7 — a full house on the flop. I won that hand too, despite his Ace, King.

See, Ace, King are very high cards, but unfortunately even a pair two can beat them. It really depends on the flop. Low cards are usually folds, but if the flop opens low cards, it may not be a bad call after all. You might aruge that high cards have a higher probability of winning. If you have a pair, of course you would rather it be a high pair as opposed to a low one. But this is gambling, nothing is for sure. Sometimes I go in with high cards, and low cards show up on the flop and I end up losing to a pair 2’s with a King and Queen. Who knows? Like my previous hand, I went in with a 4,7 and I hit a full house and knocked out a player.

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