Product Review: Able2extract

By | September 12, 2013

If you are looking for a computer programme that can save you time and money when you need a PDF converted into a different format then this program, Able2extract is for you.


It offers great conversion options and it doesn’t matter what system that you are using because there are alternative programmes available for the three different platforms, Window’s, Mac’s and Linux. What is great if you purchase the licence you are able to switch between the different platforms depending on what platform you are currently using. It comes with a full licence at a fantastic price of $99.95, this is an online licence and if you require the CD this will cost you and extra $10. If you need the software to prepare a presentation and you are thinking of a one off project usage you can purchase the full licence but for just 30 days access and this reduces the cost drastically to $32.95.

Ease of use

It is easy to use and install and the principals are so simple you want a PDF in a different format so that you can change parts or add it to a power point presentation then this programme will do this in just a few clicks. If you want part of a document or the whole document it doesn’t matter it will copy as much or as little as you need.

The technology has improved and this means that this is reflected in the product that you will be getting. The PDF rendering has been improved and this will make the document look and feel like the original. If you have the ability to convert the OCR at an improved rate which this software does then the final result will have the same resemblance as the original document.

If you use a document and you regularly need information copied into this document then this programme will help because it will allow the conversion to be placed inside the template again saving you time.


It might have crossed your mind as to the application for growing money could benefit from this software. By moving figures from one document to another without having to re-type the document will save you time.

The information can come to you in varies PDF forms including bank statements, this is now the form that my bank enables me to download my statements and this can act as original documents rather than how a statement used to look if you downloaded it from a bank. This information can then be converted to either excel, which I use for keeping track of my investments or when I make up my monthly report for my budget breakdown or my financial plan which I like to review every couple of months. This product will save me time in the preparation of these reports.

If the software was used on a larger scale it will have some fantastic benefits. Moving documents around and having the ability to do this with an easy to use system is vital. It needs to be quick, simply and reliable and that is what you get with this this product.

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