Quick Money Saving Tips April 2005

By | April 20, 2005


  • During hot days, open windows and doors to create air flow (You don’t always need the AC)
  • Keep nice and tight insulation in your windows to retain heat or air conditioning
  • Turn off the lights when you are not there or at night (Sleep early and wake up early. It’s better for your health and saves you money.)
  • Unplug unnecessary electronic (Unplug your iron and hair dryer when you’re finished. It saves money and creates a saver environment.)
  • VoIP (If available to you, can save you a lot of money)


  • Take public transportation
  • Buy the lowest class fuel your car can run without damaging the engine
  • Wash the car yourself


In general, try to stay indoors more often so you don’t pay expensive prices for food, drinks, tips, and things of that sort. Who says you can’t stay in and have fun?

Indoor Activities

  • Throw a party at your home – Beers are a lot cheaper when you buy them by the dozens in a supermarket or a local store. Add in some chips and snacks, it shouldn’t cost you too much per head. $100 can only buy you several drinks in a bar, but that same amount can buy you dozens and dozens of beer and enough snacks/chips to last you until you’re sober again.
  • Buy groceries and cook with your friends – Drunk friends can really mess up your place quick. Here’s something to do that will keep you sober and this can be very fun. It sure is cheaper than the overprice dinners you have outside.
  • Rent a movie to watch it indoors – Too lazy to do anything? Movies can kill a lot of time. Ask those who watch The Lord of The Rings trilogy in one sitting.

When you’re just tired of indoors or the weather is too nice to resist going out. Here are some activities are that still great and inexpensive.

Outdoor Activities

  • Take a walk in the park – Nice weather? Take a stroll with an interesting friend(s) who can keep you entertained while you’re enjoying the sun and burning calories.
  • Beach – Cheap, fun, lots to do. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise.
  • Art Galleries – If you’re into it. I live near tons of galleries, never been in one.
  • Museums – Cheap, exhilarating for the cultured. For others, skip.
  • Window shopping – The trick is not to buy. If that’s impossible, skip.
  • Bands – Sometimes free or cost next to nothing.
  • River to RiverAmerican Express sponsored program in NYC. Most events are free, some cost very little.

That’s about it for now folks. It’s 2am and I should go to sleep now. I have to wake up early for work tomorrow (ugghhh…). I’ll add to the list later. Feel free to give suggestions.

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