Rental Property Update March 2009

By | April 18, 2009

PhiladelphiaThis post is an update on my rental property in Philadelphia. In this section, I talk about my landlord experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly. All my posts that are related to the rental property can be found in the Rental Property section, including the bad tenant saga series).

In March, I waited anxiously for my tenant to move out of my house. The settlement allowed the tenant to stay until March 31st, but there was no guarantee that he would oblige by the agreement.

First Week of March
I called my tenant, Billy in the first week of March to find out when was his plan to leave. Billy told me that he would expect to leave by the second weekend of March. He said that his girlfriend, Mary had a house of her own and the house was being renovated. Once the renovation would be done, which they expected to be by the second weekend of March, they would move to the Mary’s house. I asked him to give me a call during the second week of March so I could make arrangements to pick up my house keys from him.

Second Week of March
When it was approaching the second weekend of March, I called Billy to confirm his leave. Billy told me that Mary’s house was not finished and they could not move out until the third weekend of March.

Third Week of March
I called back on the third week of March and Billy gave me excuses and put the blame on Mary. He told me that the renovation completion date was pushed back. He then assured me that that they would move out of the house by the fourth weekend of March.

Fourth Week of March
I called Billy on Thursday (3/26) in the fourth week of March and he did not pick up the phone. Ten minutes later, he called me back. I picked up and there was a heavy background noise. Billy told me that Mary could not find a place to move out to. He then proceeded to use psychological attacks on me.  He told me that he had asked Mary to leave the place. And if I would still see Mary in the house on the weekend, he told me to call the police to remove her from the property.

He then broke into an erratic behavior. He started screaming at his girlfriend continuously. I was holding the phone and listening, but I was completely clueless as to what was going on. I wanted to tell him that I would be in Philadelphia on Saturday to pick up the keys from him, as we had previously agreed, but I could not talk over his screams. Then the phone call was disconnected.

Billy liked to play games and the phone call could have been an act. My friends told me that he was trying to stall time and/or that he was trying to induce sympathy from me.

I called my tenant-landlord adviser, Barbara on the next day (3/27) and told her the situation. She said that if my tenant did not move out by the end of March, then they would be in violation of the settlement. She told me that she would file paperwork to continue the eviction process, and the judgment (they money the tenant owed me) would still be valid. She asked me to call back on April 1st and let her know if the tenant was still there.

Surprisingly, Billy called me Saturday (3/28) and told me that he was going the leave the house. He said that he would rent a U-Haul truck on Monday and move everything out of the house. He wanted me to meet with him on Monday to return the keys and sign a document that would prove that he has left the house and that the house was in good condition. I told him that I would not be in Philly on Monday because I had to go to work. However, my real estate agent, Earl would be there at the house and pick up the keys from him for me.

Earl met up with Billy on Tuesday, March 31st. He inspected the house and reported to me that there were a number of damages in the house. I told him that I would be in Philadelphia during the first weekend of April. It would be interesting to see the condition of the property after a bad tenant has left. I was mentally prepared for the worst scenario, but also had some hopes that the damages in the house were minor.

Names Table
Billy = My tenant
Mary = My tenant’s girlfriend
Earl = My real estate agent
Barbara = My tenant-landlord adviser
Note: Names are changed to mask the people’s real identities.

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5 thoughts on “Rental Property Update March 2009

  1. Christopher Somers

    We all could write a chapter of our experiences with our investment properties and have a best selling book ! Good luck in your saga here. My wife Stephanie and I have a number of investment properties in Philadelphia. Knock on wood, we have not had to do an eviction as of yet. But we do deal with the drama here and there. Also, being in the real estate industry, am in it everyday as we help a lot of investors buy and sell in Philadelphia and do place tenants once in awhile as well.

    Overall, even with the negatives that happen sometimes, I am all for investing in Real Estate for the long term to protect and grow wealth as it is a great vehichle to build equity and income for retirmement goals.

    I wish you luck with the continuation of this story. Will stay tuned !

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