Rental Property Update May 2008

By | May 29, 2008

home-repair.jpgI have a rental property located in Philadelphia, PA. It is a rowhouse, 2 stories high, and has a basement. My previous tenants were good and they had hardly bothered me. Unfortunately, they moved out during the summer of 2007.

I had new tenants in September 2007, after going through much trouble. I had to hire a real estate agent to find tenants, after lackluster results of trying to do it myself.

My current tenants pay rent every month, but they barely make it by the due date. They have on occassion miss the due date but I have excused them, hoping they would send the next rent payments out earlier in return. They never did.

Recently, my current tenants had been calling me often and reported several issues. There were problems with the house.

1. The toilet tank was overflowing nonstop and they had to switch off the water and only switch it on temporarily whenever they use the toilet. The toilet tank needed to be replaced.
2. The front door did not close properly. The door may need to be replaced.
3. The sink pipes in the kitchen were leaking.
4. The sink pipes in the basement were leaking.
5. The pipe connecting to shower head was broken and needed to be fixed.
6. The pressure on the hot water pipes were weak.

I hired a repairman from Philly, referred by a friend to fix all the issues in the house. Since the repairman lives in Philly, we communicated by phone and I mailed him a check.The total bill came out to $930. He reported that he fixed all the problems.

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