Review of 'Perfect Money Saving' By Smita Talati

By | November 18, 2013

If you are looking for a book with loads of new information then you will be disappointed. As with many books on saving money, there are only so many ways in which you can reduce your monthly outgoings and increase your income.

The ISBN: 9781847945969 priced £5.99

This book was published in 2011 and is marketed towards the UK savers. The setting of the book is quite unusual in that it gives plans to work towards each month to reduce the costs of your home.

Set up

The first section looks at the finances and states that whatever month you pick up the book you need to address finances first. This is great advice, you need to look at the money that you have got coming into the home and going out and truly understand this before you can hope to finds ways that shows you are saving or making more money.

The rest of the book is broken down into months and you can look at focusing on a few small tasks each month to change. At the end of the day they might make a difference in someone’s life and this is always a positive thought.

It is going to give you something new to think about with your finances each month and this can keep you going implementing the changes that you need to make your money work hard for you. It is not going to be a quick and easy task each month and with it split over the course of the year it will keep the ideas flowing, but this can work in the opposite direction too. It can mean that you forget the important messages in the book because you have to go back to it each month and then do something else and this could make you less likely to complete all the tasks that are there and this can be a waste. The tasks that might benefit you might not appear in the months that you have completed and this could mean missing some vital information.


But all the information that is in the book could have probably been found just as easily on-line. This is the most important thing with most non-fiction books, this information is there and it can be got with little to no thought and you can do this for free. The appeal of non-fiction books has to be how the information is laid out to the reader and if this has not been successfully completed then it can have a negative impact on the way the book is perceived by the public. It is going to be a difficult decision to get right and I am not convinced that this books layout will attract the readers that really need the help with straightening out their finances.

Finances and personal budgeting is not something that is taught very often in schools and yet we expect our youngsters to learn these skills in a world that is full of increasing  spending and paying back that money over long periods of time. What hope have we got that this is ever going to be a possibility when we target the young adults in this way, and the teaching information doesn’t go far enough. There are some young adults who have large disposable incomes and they are being left without the training or the knowledge to know what they should be doing. I think this book has a place in the market but I wonder if that place is changing each day that by spreading it out over the course of the year the information will not be challenging enough. There needs to be more to help those that are going out into the world, they are less prepared and look to short term loans to get the latest technology without having to spend time saving and making sure that the money that they are making is being put to good use. Instead it is being used to line the pockets of those companies that are springing up with short term loans and high interest rates.

It is a great book and one that is filled with many different tips and it might be one that you dip into to get the odd idea from. Again I feel if the index was changed and it was designed more for the dipping in for information then it would give that advice that was relevant at that time. The key at the moment is focusing on getting people to realise that there is another way than debt. It might be difficult and challenging but it is one challenge that you should be considering and this might mean that you take this book and use it to go through the tasks and challenges as the need arises and not wait until the month that it has been scheduled.

It is relatively cheap to purchase and along with the high quality book it is one that you might like to try for some money saving tips and ideas. This could be a great book to break the ice with a loved one over how they are managing financially and to get them to talk and open up.

Money might not make people happy but without it life can be more difficult to live and this is why it is important that we should be teaching and talking about money and the best way to use it so that you are not living in an environment where using credit is the normal. It has to look at the value of money and what we are teaching others. It is not about keeping finances bottled up, yes they are private and yet if you don’t talk about how to use them then the next generation is going to be in an even worse mess than the generation that is living in a land of easily gained short term credit options.

But this book does fit a market and one that is ever changing so even though some aspects might not be the trend at the moment, it might help someone change for the better.

I am going to be actively seeking out this author to see how they have developed since this book was released. How they have altered their writing to fit with the modern world.

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