Review Round-Up

By | December 27, 2013

th the last Friday of the year I thought what a better way to end the year than a look back over the last few months and do a review round-up of all the articles that I have written to see where the New Year might begin.

Review round-up

It wasn’t that long ago when I started a new feature writing about articles that have attracted my attention on the internet, I wanted to show the readers that there is some great material out there and it is informative but sometimes it is all right to make your own minds about what you read. Agreeing with everything that you read won’t make the thoughts and ideas stick in your mind, it won’t make you question the principals behind the thought and it is through discussion that a greater understanding can ensue.

1st Review

10th October 2013 I wrote my first feature on an article from a site that I admire and follow, is a great site and I admire Trent’s work and he continues to publish interesting content. The article that I first wrote about was called ‘Financial Independence is Hard Work’, and the more I think about this I know that it is true, that each step on my financial journey is going to be different from the next person, but with each step I am closer to the aims and the goals and dreams that I have.

11th October

This article was quickly followed on the 11th October 2013 by another article on and here the article in question was called ‘Don’t Over Think Your Investments’. It might be an old article but it is a timeless piece, talking about the problems that can occur and the opportunities that can be missed if you are too cautious. It is possible to do too much research and not make any decisions until it is too late. This is a possibility when dealing with the different markets, you can wait and wait hoping something has changed and sometimes this is where a great opportunity has just passed you by.

Wisebread Review

23rd October a review of an article from entitled ‘7 Reasons Why I Savings Bonds are a Good Choice For New Investors’. As with all articles that I want to share they need to catch my attention and this one did, I like I Bonds, the way they are low risk means that that it is possible to place capital in here and know that you will get a good return for your money and as they are 30 years in length this is a great way to build your portfolio, a place to keep your protected portion of your capital relatively safe.

The Move

1st November saw the feature move to its permanent home, the Friday review, the place and the day that you will find the best picks of the week, something that has caught my eye, it doesn’t have to be newly published but it does need to send a spark through my brain and this article did just that.

The Jump Start

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Emergency Fund’  for me this article brought home the need to budget and plan the use of your money, it will then show you where you can find the money with which you can use to start saving and investing in you and your emergency fund. But what it highlights is the importance of having some savings even if you are trying to pay down debt, it will mean that if an emergency occurs you will have the funds to pay and not need to borrow more money.

Choosing The Right Company

The 8th November sparked an interest in understanding how to spot a company that is worth investing in. How do you know what a great company that you are going to use your money in is the right choice for you. Learning to spot some the tell-tale signs of a good and bad company, and to understand some of the finer points in finance are going to set you on your way, along with researching the company.

Financial Review

What is important when making a budget? There are 20 things that you shouldn’t forget and this review article was published on the 15th November. A review of this article could save you time and expense if you were to miss a category in your own budget.

Expenses that you can do without in retirement

Knowing what parts of your budget that you can change is important when you reach retirement age. But sometimes you don’t look into the reasons why you have an item. This is true for insurance and it got me to think about the concept of life insurance once you retire, if your home is paid for and you don’t have dependants living at home and I think having enough savings to pay for funeral expenses this then brings to light the question for needing life insurance. If you can say yes to the above then it might be an expense that you can do without.

Your Insurance Agent

Insurance was my next topic and the reasons when you might want to change the insurance broker that you are using. This highlights some of the important challenges that you need to consider each year when insurance policies are due for renewal.

Are You Stressed?

Stress is an important factor in my life and at this time of the year it does seem to increase quite rapidly and I found an article with pointers on how to let go of your financial stress and learn to move forward in life. For me it made me question some of my actions and I hope that in the future I will be able to release the stress and by this time next year I hope that I will have learnt to manage my stress levels better around my financial woes.

The Best Returns Company

With my final Friday Review article being all about return policies from some of the best companies. There are some great companies that are going above and beyond for their customers and this will reflect the fierce competition that exists in keeping customers and having a great sales turn around each year, if this means you need to do more then it is great for the customer too.

The End Of The Year

I look forward to the New Year and the new information that will become available, so for this year it might be ending but it is just the beginning of a new and exciting year ahead.




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