By | December 14, 2006

SAI has been dropping for a few days and closed at 17.96 today. At under $18, it’s a screaming buy, and at under $19, it’s a good buy.

SAIC Report 8% Increase in Profits
SAIC Stock buyback up to 40 million shares
Still new to the market, large potential increase in institutional holdings.
Low P/E.
A good defense/homeland security play.
Winning lots of new contracts from government.

Options expiring soon (shares selling off).
$1.6 billion dividend to insiders.
Low guidance.

SAI looks like it’s going to hit rough waves in the near future, but after smoothing all those problems, it should sail smoothly higher in the long term. Its price is currently at a two-month low and seems to have support at high 17’s. At under $18, it would make a very good long term position.

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