SAIC Is Soaring

By | October 31, 2006

SAIC went public a few weeks ago, and I purchased the stock at $18. Last week the stock jumped to almost $20. I sold a majority of my holding at $19.50. My profit came to $1.50 per share, which is about 8.33%. Not too bad for a two-week investment. I will use my profits to buy a new digital camera, the Canon SD700 IS.

Today, SAI broke the $21 mark before returning to $20.33 at the close. I’m still thinking if I should short-term trade it. However, over the long term, I believe SAI should be a good investment.

4 thoughts on “SAIC Is Soaring

  1. Honest Abe

    How do you track all you taxable investment accounts when buying and selling so often? Just curious for future use.


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