Salary Review: Year Over Year Comparison 2007

By | May 18, 2007

This is the latest salary comparison table.

Year : Salary : Percentage Increase Over The Previous Year
2002 : $37,000
2003 : $38,500 : 4%
2004 : $40,500 : 5%
2005 : $45,000 : 11%
2006 : $50,250 : 12%
2006 : $70,000 : 39% <– New Job
2007 : $85,000 : 21%

My goal is to increase my salary to 100,000 by 2008.

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10 thoughts on “Salary Review: Year Over Year Comparison 2007

  1. pfstock

    Hey, congratulations on this very impressive salary growth rate! Remember that if you’re on track, and your income (modified AGI) is above a certain limit ($99,000 for 2007), you won’t be able to make a full contribution to your Roth IRA.

  2. Smarty

    Thank you, pfstock. I think you made a good point here. I have to be alert of my AGI since I have already contributed the max to my Roth IRA. However, I don’t expect my AGI to be over $99,000 for this year, because of expenses for my real estate property and self-employment.

  3. Moneymonk

    Wow, where do you work? A 21% increase in one year Way to go!

    You will reach 100K very soon keep it up

  4. Tyler

    That 80k/year is nothing in NYC. That’s like 30K here in Ohio.

  5. Smarty

    Definitely will try to do that. Aiming for 100K in 2008, 125K in 2009 and 150K in 2010. But having 150K in base salary is very difficult. If the numbers are in terms of gross income, they are achievable.

  6. Smarty


    I work in the IT software development business. They’re spending a lot of money in this industry now, so it gives me opportunity to make a decent salary. I think I’ll break 100K in total income for this year.

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