A Man Pays Cashier with 8,800 Pennies

By | August 1, 2009

A young man’s car was towed and had to go to the professional parking services to retrieve his car. He decided to pay the $88 bill in all pennies, 3 boxes full of them. His argument is that pennies are 100% pure legal tender for payment and it is the federal law to accept pennies. The cashier initially refused to accept them, but eventually the police was involved and told the cashier and company that they are legally obligated to accept the cash payment, even though it was all in pennies. In the end, the young man paid the bill with all the pennies and got this car back.

Quote: “Pennies are 100% pure legal tender.”

Food for thought: I have noticed that there are many stores and professional services that do not accept pennies, for example, the New York City MTA’s vendor machine. Are companies legally obligated to accept all forms of cash payment, including pennies?

6 thoughts on “A Man Pays Cashier with 8,800 Pennies

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  2. Randy

    I had always heard that pennies were change and not cash. Dollar bills have the phrase “legal tender” printed on them, but pennies don’t. But this is funny.

  3. Margarita

    I think pennies are absolutely a legal tender and all machines and stores should accept it. After all, we are obligated to take pennies as a form of change when we purchase something… what if we suddenly decide not to accept pennies and demand to receive change i no less then nickels… lol

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