Sleep Early

By | February 27, 2006

I usually don’t get enough sleep and I can definitely see the downfall in that. When I hear that alarm in the morning, I just want to silence it and fall back in bed. The lack of sleep gets to me at work. There are times of the day when I just want to put my head down and doze off.

One of the reasons why I don’t get enough sleep is that I sleep very late. I’m one of those that never want the day to end and believe that I can squeeze in more work by postponing my sleep. That is dangerous thinking. Of course, it’s not true that the day extends when I stay wake at night.

So, what I should do is, break down my goals to small tasks. Complete each task in a day, plan ahead for the next day, and get some rest. Then I can wake up the next morning rejuvenated and tackle my next task. By accomplishing small steps one at a time, I can travel great distances.

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