Smarty Wins May Stocks Contest

By | June 1, 2008

I am the winner of the May 2008 PF Bloggers stock picking contest. My pick was Nvidia (NVDA) and it netted a gain of 20.19% for the month. Here are the final results for the May 2008 stock contest.

Nvidia (NVDA) was also my pick for my Stock Challenge May 2008. Since I was the only participant, I win by default and I deposited the $20 prize in my account. So, I won 2 stock contests and two prizes for May 2008.

I will post a Stock Challenge for June 2008, possibly the last stock contest. I know I haven’t been pushing these contests very hard, because I have been busying with my work and projects. I hope to get more participants for the June contest, and I will offer a very generous prize and hopefully that will attract more people.

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