Stocks Challenge Results for April 2008

By | May 1, 2008

The results for the Stock Challenge April 2008 are post below. There were four stocks that were picked: AMD, C, SGP, and RIMM. SGP had the highest percentage gains in April however, the contestant did not fulfill the requirements and link back to the blog.

Therefore, the official winner is The Dividend Guy. His pick Citigroup (C) opened at $22.61 on April 1, 2008 and closed at $25.27 on April 30, 2008, netting a percentage gain of 11.76% in a month. The Dividend Guy will receive the first prize. Vaughan will receive the second prize. Since Siddharth was one of the earlier participants, I will also send him a prize.

I have sold my shares of AMD in April. I lost confidence in the stock, at least for the short term, and have been looking at other stocks.

3/18 Bought AMD 500 6.42 $3218.00
4/28 Sold AMD 500 6.05 $3016.98
Total Gains of -$201.02

Updated 5/3/2008
1st Prize of $20 cash was sent via PayPal to The Dividend Guy.
2nd Prize was unclaimed. No contact information was given for Vaughan.
Other Prize was unclaimed. No contact information was given for Siddharth.

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