Stocks Challenge Results June 2008

By | July 6, 2008

June was a tough month for trading in the stock market. For the month of June, the Dow Jones was down 10%, the Nasdaq was down 9% and the S&P 500 was down 9% as well.

Six people participated in the Stocks Challenge for June, and all but one was in the negative zone after the last close day of June. Tap Water was the only person with a pick that came out positive. His pick was APWR and it netted a whopping 14% at the end of June, making him the winner of the June 2008 Stock Challenge. He will receive the first prize.

June 2008 Stock Challenge Results

Tap Water wins the first prize, a $25 VISA Gift Card
pfstock wins the 2nd prize, a book from my collection.
Dreamybee wins the 3rd prize, a book from my collection.

Dreamybee chose the book, “An Instance of the Fingerpost” (ISBN 1-57322-082-5).


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