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By | March 2, 2007

The market has been going down recently. Smart investors would say that this is the time to pick up valued stocks and hold them. It is also a good time to stay in the sidelines and do some research.

I will be doing research on the companies I’m interested in and and I’ll post some of the research reports. These reports provide comprehensive research information. If you are doing research for a company and would like to see reports for that company, post the ticker of the company in the comments. After you have read the reports, I would appreciate if you could submit a summary of your research in return.

pfstock bought WFMI recently. Below are reports for Whole Foods Market Inc (WFMI):

WFMI – Company Research Highlights

WFMI – Compustat Company Research

2 thoughts on “Stocks Research

  1. pfstock

    I think that I picked the wrong week to pick stocks. Anyway, thank you for the information. Did you get these reports from Fidelity?

  2. Smarty

    I think we all took a hit last week from the stock market. I may need to re-adjust my strategy. Yes, the reports are from Fidelity.


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