4 thoughts on “Stock Trade 2/20/2007: Sold My AMD Shares

  1. pfstock

    I’m sorry to hear that you lost money on AMD. I have been watching this stock for a while now. I usually try to wait until the stock starts to go up before I buy. However, this ploy doesn’t always work, since a stock will sometimes start to go up and then turn around on you. But, so far I haven’t yet bought any AMD shares.

  2. Smarty

    Hi pfstock,

    I knew AMD would have been a risky play; the stock was still falling sharply. I thought I could catch the bottom, but I was trying to catch a falling knife. I would watch AMD on the sidelines and see how it shapes up. What stocks have you been buying?

  3. pfstock

    I might have mentioned that I bought some RACK and Whole Foods (WFMI). Whole Foods just announced today that they will be merging with another natural foods retailer, Wild Oats (OATS), and I expect the stock to move up a couple of points tomorrow.


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