Suze Orman – The Road to Wealth DVD

By | March 31, 2005

I rented the Suze Orman’s DVD, The Road to Wealth and I have to say it’s pretty good. I recommend it for those who are interested in managing their own finance and learn about different kinds of investments and savings. I agree with her that the best financial planner is really yourself and when you do go seek a finacial planner, the planner should have a good grasp of your situation and your goals and tailor a plan specific for you.

There is a good questions and answer section there where people ask all kinds of questions, ranging from IRAs, 529 plans, bonds, to real estates. I’m sure anyone can make sure of the questions and answers.

The DVD is dated 2001 so some of the information may be outdated, but the concept and the mission she projects is a timeless lesson. The Road to Wealth is always dream and she basically says everyone can do it if they believe in themselves and start taking control of their finances now.

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