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AMD Stock Watch: Reasons to Invest in AMD

Is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) a good buy in 2014? AMD has received a lot of attention in the past few months, especially after the surge in its shares between April and May 2013. After suffering from severe losses and falling short against the semiconductor chip industry leader, Intel, thing are working out well for… Read More »

Why AMD is a Good Buy Now

The past few years have witnessed an unfortunate performance from AMD. The second quarter release recorded a year-on-year revenue fall of 18% and 63% fall in the operating income of the company. Similarly, the computing solution segment experienced a fall of 20% on a year-on-year basis. In the midst of these lowly performances, the computing… Read More »

Stocks Challenge Results for April 2008

The results for the Stock Challenge April 2008 are post below. There were four stocks that were picked: AMD, C, SGP, and RIMM. SGP had the highest percentage gains in April however, the contestant did not fulfill the requirements and link back to the blog. Therefore, the official winner is The Dividend Guy. His pick… Read More »

Is AMD A Buy?

AMD is trading near its 52-week low and is looking quite attractive at the price of 13.50. The company is beaten down by the performance and market shares of the Intel dual core chips, but AMD has the quad-core micro-architecture, Barcelona chips under its belts. Once Barcelona is released, AMD may reclaim its market share… Read More »


Today’s quotes PEIX 16.44 +0.33 (2.05%) Ethanol causes jump in corn prices, but experts urge calm This may be a temporary increase. If things don’t look too good, I may sell tomorrow. AMD 15.79 -0.16 (1.00%) AMD doesn’t look so good right now. The three month chart shows a strong downtrend.