Texas Hold'em Poker

By | March 26, 2005

My friends and I play poker almost every weekend. The game have become a huge hit lately all over the places due to the World Champion Poker Tournament and media publicity. Somehow the game has also become a weekly habit for us as well.

I have become more competitive lately. I begin to analyze people’s face and actions, and beginning to strategize. It’s really about proving that hold ’em is about skills rather than taking my friends’ money. We play for fun.

My track record has improved lately. I won last night and almost every week for the past few weeks.

Here’s a tip I learn. If you’re holding high pockets, immediately throw down a huge bet. It forces a lot of people to fold and if someone doesn’t fold, you can speculate he/she is either bluffing or
holding something you should take seriously. If everyone folds, then you claim the pot (if you’re the dealer, then the pot is bigger). If one or two people call your bets, then at least you’ll start with a higher probability of winning.

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