The Apprentice Los Angeles

By | March 20, 2007

I like watching The Apprentice. I can get a lot of ideas from that show and learn a lot from the people. The first season inspired me to think about ideas that can make money. My Money Idea #1 and Money Idea #2 were inspired by the projects in the first season. The lemonade sale, albeit its simplicity, motivated me to become an entrepreneur .

I have been watching The Apprentice Los Angeles but haven’t had time lately so I watch the episodes online whenever I have time. I’ve caught up to Episode 7 now. The contest in that episode was to create a luxury event for Lexus. Arrow won, of course. It was no surprise to me. I hope I haven’t ruined this episode for anyone.

I thought Arrow did an outstanding job of presenting the luxury image to the preferred customers. Kinetics idea of go-cart sounded fun, but as its own team pointed out, go-carts did not carry a luxury image. Mr. Trump was very huge on image. He definitely did not like Derek’s mention of “white trash,” even as a joke. You know he’s business.
I thought Aimee was going to be fired because the votes were unanimous. Now that they knocked two people out of the show, does it mean the show will end sooner?

As for my thoughts on the candidates, so far, I think Heidi, Stefani and Frank are the best. I shall see them make it to the end.

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