The Best Places To Hide Cash At Home

By | June 22, 2008

stacks-of-cash.jpgI recently saw the movie, Mad Money and one of the interesting parts in this movie is how they hide money. The main characters in the movie have illegally taken many bags of money home. They have to find a way to keep the cash from view, so they fill up every drawer and cabinet in their house with cash.

If you have a large stack of cash to put away, where would you hide them? There are people today that still do not like keep money in the bank. These people would store cash at home, in places that they think nobody can find.

How do you hide money so that thieves or robbers would not find them? You want to make sure that you hide your cash in a secret location that only you know about and nobody else knows.

A very popular place to store cash is under the mattress. In the old days, people always put important things under their bed. Now, everyone knows about the under-the-mattress secret location, and that has become a high-risk location now. People have to be more creative and think of new places to hide cash. Here are some examples of places to consider a spot for hidden cash.

Living Room

  1. In a self-created mouse hole in the back corner and cover it with paint
  2. In a concealed flap behind the television cabinet
  3. Underneath the couch, in an inside pocket
  4. Underneath your wood floor, in a self-created spot
  5. Inside a concealed compartment of a large table


  1. In a self-created compartment in one of the higher cabinets
  2. In a hard to reach area, probably at the top of the cabinet, blocked by many food items
  3. Underneath the sink, behind the pipes
  4. Behind the oven/stove
  5. Behind the refrigerator


  1. Behind the mirror, before the wall (not inside a cabinet)
  2. Inside a medicine box on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet
  3. Behind the toilet, or inside the water tank, in a tightly sealed box/bottle
  4. Underneath the sink, behind the pipes


  1. In a self-created mouse hole in the back corner and cover it with paint
  2. In a self-created compartment in a closet
  3. In the pockets of an old jacket (identifiable for you) in the back of the closet
  4. In a  shoe box (identifiable for you), among many other shoe boxes
  5. Inside or under a desk lamp table

32 thoughts on “The Best Places To Hide Cash At Home

  1. devil

    Do you think thieves would check the bottom of the tampon box in my bathroom cabinet?

    For a lot of cash, I’d try to first get it changed to large denominations (fewer bills to hide). I’d put individual thousand-dollar bills inside books. I could put some in the trash bin, between the garbage bag and the can. I wouldn’t think thieves would check there, either.

    I wish some former burglars would comment and let us know of good/bad places to stash cash!

  2. NotAtHome

    I would never store money at home. In the bank, earning interest. In a brokerage account. Contribute to my IRAs. If it’s “dirty” money, then I would launder it. There are lots of how-tos on the Web on money laundering.

  3. FW

    I think I’d put it in a shoebox in my closet — I have several in there, and I doubt thieves would be checking out my Easy Spirits.

    My mom bought a mixed lot of books on Ebay, to keep a few and resell the rest, and found a $20 in one of the books… that was more than she’d paid for the whole box. Don’t forget which books you hide the bills in if you go that route.

  4. Slinky

    While I probably wouldn’t store money at home, if I did, it would be inside my piano. No one’s moving that sucker!

  5. GRBerry

    The CD/DVD case is a bad idea. When I was robbed once, the crook(s) took the CD collection. Don’t hide something you don’t want stolen in something else that would be stolen.

  6. savoholic

    $100 is the largest denomination currently printed

  7. dude

    I once saw a great way to stash cash.
    First, buy a book that’s cheap and you dont’ want it.
    Then, cut a rectangle and take it out and then, you
    can store cash bundles and even ipods. Also, just get a
    strong metal box and hide that instead. Yes, people would
    try to get it but, if you made a large large large box.

  8. steph-e

    i hide my money in a place id even forget about.ok 1-you could use a door that you display all your kids drawings on,take the most unattractive one off the door,than cut a deepish hole in the door, so that you cant see the hole from the other side,stash your money, than tape the picture back on. 2- You could also hide it in the toliet paper roll holder, take your paper off the holder,pull apart the plastic tube, take out the spring,put your money in the spring, and than put the toilet parer roll back on!dont put a lot of bills in the spring(dont put 100, 1 dollar bills in there,put 1, 100 dollar bill, instead)

  9. John

    Hmmm, I think thiefs are reading all of these comments and will look in all these creative places. Basically keeping cash at home is a high risk endeavor, if your home is broken into, there is a good chance they will find it. They will go right to that shoe box in the closet, or under the kitchen sink etc. The safest place is in an unmovable safe, unless of course its an armed robbery and you will open it for him/her. You will also tell them where the cash is if threatened. Thast’s the problem, your emotions will rule when your life is at risk. Very remote chance at armed robbery really, but remember most likely a thief will find your hiding spot if he has enough time. That’s why I would want something foolproof. Don’t know what that is. I’m stashing 5k now and don’t feel at all at ease.

  10. Ryan

    I came up with many places to hide money. One of my favorite places would have to be: Inside a fluorescent light fixture. Inside the fixture, there is a cover that quickly unscrews, revealing the ballast and wires. This is the greatest place I have ever came up with. I have also wrapped the money in saran wrap and covered with tin foil and put it in the freezer, then wrote some type of meat on it and mixed it in…

  11. Ryan

    Also, you should not use a safe that uses a keypad to type in your passcode. Use an older style rotary dial type. Using pencil lead shavings and a hot breath, you can see the numbers that are pushed and then decipher the code from there.

  12. SH

    I have two different ideas:
    1. I bought a cheap vibrator ($5) and keep it in my nightstand. Rolled cash fits perfectly and I would imagine that any burglar looking there didn’t break in to look for cash. 🙂
    2. I crochet, so when I’m hiding cash from hubby, I roll it up in a skein of yarn in an ugly color that I would never use.
    Hope this helps!!

  13. Steve

    I have a bunch of sports stuff in my basement. Footballs, Baseballs ect…..

    My Cash Stash is in one of my Footballs. I slighly cut it at the seam.. Enough to put a wad of rolled 100’s in. Then when your done, you cannot even tell there is something wrong with it. I then have it in the back of my closet of “Junk”.

    Same can be done with a basketball, or soccer ball.

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  16. CV

    best place for me is inside any dresser. put your cash in a ziplock bag then tape it securely to the top of the inside of the dresser… works great! =)

  17. stashking

    i think the best place at home is to burry it. simple as that. if the police raid you they arnt gonna be digging up your backyard and no one will know its there except you. make sure you put it in a sealed bag inside a sealed container. i have prob buried about 100k like this in different locations. the best part is u can burry it anywhere! take a trip into a forest mark the spot on GPS and there you go. no one is ever gonna find it unless they are extremely lucky!!

  18. Michelle

    All cash stinks. To “launder” stinky cash, I spray it down with Lysol or some type of disinfectant spray. I do this with my students. I have watched them pull cash out of their drawers, and I don’t mean the ones you keep your clothes in! Oh, and their shoes, their bras, their hair, under their pits…ewwww!

  19. mark sharky

    Smaller stash at home large stash in a bank vault safety deposit box.

  20. kim

    i would put it in the man hole…….and also security deposit box.

  21. Jane

    My friend told me a story about her grandmother. She kept money in her old shoes! 😉

  22. martha

    i have a small old box for ap us history flash cards. i dumped the flashcards and put the cash in there – unless they’re stealing study supplies someone isn’t going to look twice at barron’s 500 us history flashcards.

  23. nikki

    I hide my money in a ziplok and place it in the drop ceiling of my apartment, tape to the backside of my pipes in the basement and also I hide it under the grill cover in a jar in the winter….noone in thier right mind is going to mess with 4 ft of snow to get to the cash….not even me!

  24. RMD

    I keep ca$h rolled up in an older distinct solo sock amidst all my socks. Sometimes I even forget, and it’s like ‘kaching!’ bonus! One time I found $400 in an old sock, I totally forgot it was there. Must’ve been there at least a year.
    I wear flip-flops all year round if you’re wondering.

  25. Char

    my children and I have been robbed 2 times within 2 years both times the robber taking every dollar we have, the entire safe and all of our identities because they were in the safe. I have had bad experiences with safes, when I come home it is missing and unbolted. I am a single mother so have had to find other ways to get things done. the hym of a curtain at the window, bandaid box, old childrens card box taped up and in the bottom of the toy box or on the bookshelf, buried deep in a house plant that you wont give away, under the kitchen cabinet in the sos pads box are some places that I have started to utelize

  26. Kaye

    I put money, wrapped in foil, in metal containers. In case of a fire, it won’t burn up your money.

    1. Sean Post author

      I have heard of this before and I thought it was very clever. Would the cash really survive in a fire?

  27. Dave

    You can purchase fireproof money bags. I would highly recommend this when hiding cash at home.

  28. Annette Sonnenberg

    Most of these places would burn up in a fire. Also what about tornadoes sending your whole house to the next block. I’m thinking more on the lines of underground. Just need to figure out how to keep it from getting damp.


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