The Cost of Moving House

By | September 2, 2013

Moving home can take its toll on your wallet just as easily as it can on your spirit. However, reading up on the costs beforehand can better prepare you for the new changes afoot and may even help you to save money you may otherwise squander making fraught, last-minute decisions. You can be spared a great deal of strain later by knowing what to expect at the first hurdle, allowing you to focus on packing and the positives a fresh start will bring.

Removal costs

The cost to hire a removal van can be fairly steep since most companies will itemise based on the amount of belongings transferred, the total number of trucks needed and the weight of the combined belongings, all while charging an average of £15 to 20 an hour for their trouble.

In some cases, it might be worth looking into renting a removal truck to transport your own belongings. Professional removal companies often come with many hidden charges. So while it may take more time and effort to hire a rental van, it is worthwhile if it means evading the unjust fees and extra rates added on when using a professional moving company.

Storage units

If you don’t have a permanent place for your belongings while on the move, you may need to transfer them from the removal truck to a storage warehouse unit. Again, prepare for this eventuality in advance and save money by finding a cheaper alternative space to store your belongings such as a nearby friend or relatives house.

Stamp duty

Stamp duty is the tax that’s payable to the government for changing the documents that specify ownership of a particular property. If the purchase price of your new property falls under the £125,000 bracket, you will not have to pay stamp duty tax. Anything above this margin however will be liable for between 1 and 3 % tax- reaching only as high as 3% for typical residential properties in the UK. Consult the official list of land tax rates to see where your property falls in terms of stamp duty

Moving into a new property should be nothing other than a positive experience. To ensure you don’t fall foul of the hidden charges or complications associated with buying and selling properties, entrust the help of Quick Move Conveyancing. Professionally trained with unmatched customer service, Quick Move does the legal legwork to ensure you know precisely what you’re paying for and the rights they entitle you to.


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