3 thoughts on “The Growth of Mobile Marketing and Tagging (Infographic)

  1. Anne

    If I see another post like this on your blog, I will unsubscribe immediately. Why are you doing this?

  2. Sean Post author

    Hi Anne,

    This is the first sponsored post on a payday loan and I was trying to make a few dollars, but I did not expect it would annoy/bother/disrespect anyone here.

    I’m sorry if this bothered you or any of my readers. I’m concerned if this is an issue. Your feedbacks are very valuable to me and will not be taken lightly.

    Please do speak up and let me know your thoughts. I would consider very carefully next time before posting an ad.


  3. Kathleen Mizrahi

    Nice post Sean. I really agreed about your post. I’ve enjoy reading it because it is really true about the lenders. You give me an additional information about your sort. Keep it up.


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