The Mystery of The Missing Sock

By | April 4, 2005

How many of you do your own laundry and when you fold the clothes you end up with one extra sock? It’s interesting. I just did my laundry yesterday and I was holding up the last sock and I couldn’t find the other one. Guess what? I’m not the only one that has that problem.

And how many of you when reconciling your money accounts end up with a lot of numbers you don’t know where it should go. I usually have that problem with my cash account in Microsoft Money. I always seem to have $20-$50 missing that I don’t know where it went, and because it’s cash, it’s hard to trace. I update my spending almost everyday, but it’s easy to leave out the mid-day snacks or the unexpected fleet market shopping. These little holes add up over time and it hurts my account reconciliation process. I try to figure out where every dollar goes, but most of the time it hurts my little brain too much so I’d just put them into a category called adjustments. This way, the spendings are still tracked but just not categorized. I try to reconcile my cash account every week to keep my records as accurate as possible (sometimes I’m pretty anal about that).

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