The Stock Market Closed Positive For the Week

By | November 2, 2008

Dow 9,325.01 +144.32 +1.57%
Nasdaq 1,720.95 +22.43 +1.32%
S&P 500 968.75 +14.66 +1.54%

Finally, we see the stock market closed higher for the week after a huge recent sell off. The DOW opened last Monday (10/27/2008) at 8,375.92 and closed at the end of the week at 9,336.93, a gain of 961.01 or
11%. If you take the close price of the DOW before Monday (10/27/2008) at 8,175.77 and compare with the close price on Friday (10/31/2008) at 9,336.93, the gain is really 1161.16 points or a staggering gain of 14% for the week.

While we did have a rally in the previous week, we are still very deep in the water. The DOW is still far below the 13K mark at the beginning of the year. We will have to see where the stock market brings us next week.

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