The Superbowl 2014

By | February 2, 2014

The Superbowl is not going to be a surprise to many people in America; it is a high light of the America calendar and one that can bring much joy and happiness to the hosting city. This year it is New York and New Jersey are co-hosting the game.

The Superbowl

The hosting city is chosen years in advance of the selection of the game and in the 47 year history the hosting city has never had their own team in the finals. This means that the teams are not on their home turf, which could lead to an unfair advantage to that team.

The costs

The cost to the city is vast with an estimated $17.7 million that will need to be paid for by the tax payers. For the game this year the politician Andre Guomo, the Governor of New York, has managed to secure a $5 million budget for the games, but this is not going to be anywhere near the final figure that will be required. Both Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, and Andre Guomo will be at the Superbowl on Sunday.

There is going to be an estimated 700 state troopers who will be needed to patrol the streets. They will assist with problems that arise and the added issues in crowd control which the increase in the population will bring.

It is also estimated that the cost for the Times Square event is going to be in excess of a $2 million budget alone. They have turn Time Square into a Superbowl Boulevard, with the centre piece being a Toboggan run.

But the games are expected to bring in a large volume of traffic to the city and this will generate income in return for the hosting of the event. It is estimated that a staggering $150 million should be pumped into the city; this is more than 8 times larger than the city is paying for hosting. This will mean a boost to the economy; it will provide income for the city in the form of taxes, and they will recuperate in the money that is being spent. This means it is a positive experience for the city, the businesses and the communities. The communities of the hosting city will benefit not only from an increase in the money and potential wages that they will earn but also the redevelopment of some of the recreational areas which get a face lift.

This money is from the charities that support the games. The hosting city needs to raise a set amount; they have managed to raise over $3 million just by three donations by three families that are tied to the sport. Jonathan Tisch, the Co-owner of the New York Giants, the Mira family that has owned part of the New York Giants for three generations and Robert Johnson IV who is the owner of the New York Jets.

The money is going to be used as a way to improve the facilities that already exist within the city, but that have gone into a state of disrepair. It is about creating and improving on what is there.

NFL players

The wages that are paid to the NFL players is not small change. The basic wage is $375,000 and the maximum that this money can go up to is five times this, which is $1, 875,000. This means that the teams can have 53 players on their teams and each player is going to be paid anywhere in this region. The highest paid players are the Quarterbacks, with the three highest paid players getting around the $20 million mark.

The NFL referees have had a pay rise in recent years and their average salary is around the $150,000 per year. Many referees have second jobs as well. The salary for this job is due to rise over the next few years until it reaches the sum of $200,000 by 2019.


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