Three 'Green' Energy Stocks to Power Your Portfolio

By | July 18, 2007

Three ‘Green’ Energy Stocks to Power Your Portfolio

The first name in the sector to take a look at is SunPower (SPWRCramer’s TakeStockpickrRating). SunPower manufactures commercial and residential solar power systems. The company has been able to gain some earnings traction, and the stock is reflecting this strength.

A related play on the solar sector is MEMC Electronics (WFRCramer’s TakeStockpickrRating). MEMC manufactures the raw silicon wafers that are used to make photoelectric cells, as well as semiconductors. WFR has traditionally been seen as a semiconductor play, but the strength of the solar sector has given the company a new growth dimension.

Another interesting green trade is Fuel Tech (FTEKCramer’s TakeStockpickrRating). Fuel Tech provides clean-air technology for coal-burning utility plants, as well as other industrial combustion processes. As government pressure increases on utilities to lower carbon emissions, we should continue to see strength out of companies that are providing pollution control solutions.

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