Took A Day Off Work

By | June 1, 2005

I realized my vacation days will expire soon, so I took today off. I’m going to ask my supervisor to allow me to carry some days off to the next cycle so I don’t lose them. I have still yet to plan a vacation.

I am home now and I have been watching the market since the morning. It is a fabulous day for stocks. Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P500 are up.

I decided to rid of ALCOA Inc (AA), because my trading strategy is to buy high growth stocks. AA has also been very disappointing and I decided not to wait for it to rebound. PacificNet Inc (PACT), on the other hand, had a small pop. I sold it at $8.30, netting $165.

Isonics Corp (ISON) open sharply higher with super positive news. It is up about 18% at the moment. I don’t own any shares, but I’ve always kept an eye on this company. Very risky play, IMO, but if you can tolerable the risk, it may be worth it.

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