Top 10 Smartphone Applications for Finance

By | May 22, 2013

The world of commerce has undergone tremendous revolutions thanks to technology. With Smartphones, you can literally control your wallet from your hands. Ranging from banking to making payments to ordering for meals and so forth, mobile phones have taken over. The following applications have redefined the financial management landscape and their utility is rising by day. They teach you how to save, control your expenditures and revenues generally budgeting for you.

This is an application that comes free of charge and helps you in controlling your finances. Running on iPhone and Android platforms, the selling point of this application is its portability. With this innovative product created by Aaron Patzer, the users are able to check their accounts and set up budget notifications to keep track of their expenditures.

Amazon Price Check

This is the ultimate shopping partner. Through scanning a barcode or taking a photo of the product, this application enables its users to compare the price the product is sold at with price on Amazon stores. This price check application enables users to save cash by shopping where the price is at its lowest.


Typically, families and individuals will have bills streaming in throughout the month. Rarely would all the bills fall due on the same day of the month. Tracking of bills can be such a hectic process but no more with Billtracker. This application organizes your upcoming bills by date and the amounts due. With it, your payments will not be late anymore.

Google Finance

Another freebie for Android application users! Google Finance is one of its kind. Ordinarily getting real stock quotes is such hectic process but with Google Finance, you get to know the performance of different portfolios and the latest information concerning them. Making of informed investment decisions becomes a reality with such an application.

Your Bank’s App

Becoming mobile is the latest craze in banking technology. Various banks are represented in applications that allow users to make basic bank transactions on the go. From checking of balances, conducting money transfers to synchronizing of funds, this application is just what you need to do all this while miles away from your physical bank.

Google Wallet

With this application, the Smartphone is the only thing that you need to carry around. This application captures and imprints the details of your checkout cards (debit and credit cards). In places where they allow you to tap your card and pay for goods, Google Wallet is the application you should have. The only limitations with this application are that it operates only on android Smartphones with near field communication (NFC) chips.


As long as you have fed this application with all the data concerning your bills, manila will do all the rest; organizing the data so as to let you view your ideal payment days. It even tells you when your statements are ready. Sign up for a free Manilla.

Debt Minder

Using charts and graphs, this application takes stock of all your debt obligations and arranges them into a tabular form. It goes ahead to plan for the payment dates s as to take advantage of favorable interest rates. It costs $1.99.

The Wall Street Journal

This is the market place application. It gives you news about investment and stocks in addition to having the online WSJ paper as it is published every morning. If you are interested in money and idea on how to make it then this application is what you need n your phone.

Money Magazine Financial Assistant

If you have been struggling with the calculation of your net worth or the allocation of payments, this application has the tools to make that easy to handle. It also offers some electronic money lessons.

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