Top 6 Tips to Build an Eye-Catching Resume

By | August 26, 2013

In today’s global economy, to land your next opportunity, you must stand out from your competitors! By doing so, you will need to construct an amazing resume that markets yourself, and that ultimately convinces hiring managers to contact you.  One of the basics of every resume is to make sure it is simple, clean, and easy to read.  Discover our Top 5 Tips to attract the attention from hiring managers!

Top 6 Tips to Build an Eye-Catching Resume:

1. Contact information:

  • Name (should be a slightly bigger size than the others)
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Professional Blog

2. Education:

  • University
  • Major(s), and Minor(s)
  • GPA (only include if it is higher than 3.0)

3. List your work background starting with the most recent job experience:

  • Include the Company’s name, your title position, date you start and end, and city/state
  • Quantify your accomplishments!
    • For example: “Screened over 5000 resumes and scheduled 3000 interviews” instead of “Screened resumes and scheduled interviews”.
  • Tailor your resume according to the position you are applying for.  Take the verbs from the job description and apply it to your experience.
  • Start with some of these exampled verbs:
Manage Implement Analyze Provide Negotiate
Direct Improve Research Maintain Motivate
Delegate Design Enhance Process Establish
Train Develop Produce Increase Initiate
Supervise Create Attain Prioritize Contract
Compose/Write Publish Identify Organize Coordinate
Consolidate Execute Schedule Strengthen Recommend


4. Leadership/Activities/Awards

  • Awards/Scholarships from college
  • Leadership/participation in clubs or social organizations
  • Volunteer work

5. Skills

  • Technical skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access & etc. Outlook, HTML, Adobe Photoshop or any other technical skills that will be relevant and differentiates you.
  • Language skills: Always include language skills if you speak more than one language

6. Research & Maintain

  • Some job positions may have different resume templates, which is why I suggest my friends to Google the resume templates when applying for jobs.
  • Update your accomplishments, work experience, or new skills you have attained on your resume


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