Undestructable Dollar Bills

By | April 24, 2007

I was doing my laundry one day and did not check all the pockets in my clothes. I had left five dollar bills in the washer. The paper bills came out wet but were still in-tact. The reason is because the money is not made out of paper. The dollar bills are actually made with a blend of cotton and linen. I left my wet bills to dry by the window and heater. Severeal hours later, the bills were completely dry and crispy, but wrinkled. I took a picture of them.

Have you left your bills in the washer before?

One thought on “Undestructable Dollar Bills

  1. dakboy

    Same thing happened to my wife this weekend. She left about $45 in her pocket and it all went through the wash. All the bills came through in perfect shape.

    I don’t recall US currency being this durable – many years ago I did something similar, and the bills came out OK, but obviously had been distressed. They’re improving the “paper.”


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